What We Do

We provide cutting edge remarketing and retargeting services. There are many agencies that use simple Google retargeting. Our solution is more advanced and allows you to target not only the Google Network, but multiple other networks using a proprietary bidding platform.

Retargeting Illustrated

We can not only target people that have visited your site, but also:

  • People that have visited your competitors’ sites
  • People who searched for your products or service
  • People who visited sites relevant to your business

Each client receives a custom solution that focusses on the volume goals of your campaign and maximizes the Return on Investment.

Product Relevant Retargeting

Our retargeting solution can also be used to boost sales to existing clients using Product Relevant Retargeting. This innovative solution uses retargeting to focus on clients who have purchased from your site and offers them complementary products and services. In the hands of our marketing specialists, this can significantly boost revenues on e-commerce sites.