Our difference

SEO/SEM Marketing
Pay-Per Lead
Advertise on Google, Yahoo, Bing OK OK OK
Advertise on niche blogs, directories, site retargeting and other niche portals. OK Partial coverage NO
Provide transparent systems for measuring results OK NO OK
Focus on providing you with exclusive, high quality sales leads OK Drive only traffic Share leads with your competitors
Specialize in your industry OK NO OK
Only work with one client per industry in your service area OK NO NO
Invest in developing and testing the marketing formula before approaching you OK NO NO
Provide you with a prebuilt website designed specifically for your industry OK NO NO

Why Leadox?

We are the only company to invest in creating a working formula before calling you.

You get an additional source of high quality, exclusive leads that is separate from any marketing you are currently doing.

Complete exclusivity — we never share leads.

Full transparency — we provide you with advanced analytical tools so that you can calculate your ROI down to the dollar.

We specialize in YOUR industry — we only take on clients that we are confident we can generate results for.